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PureTrak Talent Review

REVIEW – Michael “peawok” Fleming reviews the PureTrak Talent mousepad.

The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line

The Good: This might be the highest quality pad I've ever gotten.  They could easily charge more for this and it'd probably still be worth it.  Nothing feels plastered on like other mousepads, especially the logo, which seems to be the thing that irks me the most.

The Bad: I wish it was black, but that's really preference.  I'm also still worried that the sides may rip apart at some point, unlike ZOWIE Gear's GT-F with the triple stiched edges.  Nick from PureTrak told me to not worry, that that would not happen, but I still am wondering.

The Bottom Line: If I was looking for a new pad I wouldn't drop 14.95 for a QCK+, I'd pay double for the Talent.  Why? Because it's just that good.

Specifications: 19" x 14" x 1/4th" (483mm x 356mm), PureGrip soft rubber backing, Custom Fabric Surface




PureTrak.  The name likely rings a bell with most of America, much in part due to the CompLexity sponsorship or the company’s voice division, PureVoice.  The world, however, might not know their pad due to larger companies like SteelSeries in the market.

PureTrak prides themselves on quality and price, something they do extremely well.  The company sets price at the same level as quality of the pad, citing “science” in the creation of their mousepads and cost as key components when they work on creating a new pad.

“Founded in 2007 by industry professionals, and of course gamers, who recognize the importance of having an accurate and quality mouse surface - PureTrak's top priority is to provide, discover, and develop new optical and laser peripherals that helps enhance the user’s ability to perform their tasks with better precision, eliminating any flaws. While expanding our commitment to our products, community and customer base; we hope to better the world of gaming with our durable, functional, and affordable products.”

PureTrak has become a key holder in the North American scene with their recent partnership with CompLexity, one of two organizations truly capable of running a large number of eSports teams.  In conjunction with CompLexity, PureTrak created the CompLexity mousepad, which is very similar to the Talent mousepad from what I’ve seen at WCG USA.

I was fortunate enough to receive the Talent pad so I was able to get a personalized feel for the mousepad as well as the company.



The Talent mousepad is extremely nice and I enjoy their design.  It isn’t like a traditional black mousepad, which is somewhat unfortunate because I do love having all back across my desktop, but the dark blue color isn’t bad at all.  The logo is white but over the course of three weeks I’ve seen no wear on its color from moving my mouse over it.  The size is perfect, not too big and not too small and it can be easily rolled up and placed into a protective tube for easy LAN travel.  Overall, the pad feels great and doesn’t have that “rough” feeling like SteelSeries or ZOWIE’s pad have.  Its feels smoother and while that may not be that big of a deal either way, it is nice for me.


Unlike other companies like ZOWIE Gear or SteelSeries, PureTrak has opted to let the mouse speak for itself.  In their features section of the website, they have only included basic and pretty much default features for their mousepad.  I’m a little surprised by this, but I guess they believe that their simple pad is just what every game needs.

The mousepad is so smooth that I haven’t felt any “rough” points so far. PureTrak told me and explained on their website that the pad can handle any kind of surface and will adjust to grooves or scratches in the desk.  My desk doesn’t have any damage, and I’ve placed the pad on other locations to see if it has any problems, but it appears they were right.  The pad has no problems with any standard surface.

One thing I did find out with the mousepad is that the pattern design can affect older mice.  Most mice are fine with the patterned design and I believe it actually does help newer mice, but old ones could potentially give you trouble.  However, PureTrak is open about the mice that will 100% work on the pad, guaranteed.  This includes the essentially all Logitech mice after the MX300, the Intelli 1.0 and above mice, the SideWinder mouse and Blue Series,  as well as the Microsoft Lazer series from 1000 on.  All “mighty mouse” models will work as well.

I did try the pad in a water test.  ZOWIE Gear, the other company which I have reviewed (along with SteelSeries pads I have owned before), prides themselves on the fact that their mousepads are 100% waterproof.  I opted to give the PureTrak Talent pad the same test.  The Talent did not handle it as well as Zowie’s pad, but it did fairly well.  The area I soaked in remained wet for about ten to fifteen minutes even after dabbing at it with a towel.  However, my mouse has had no trouble moving over the area and I haven’t lost any tracking.

The one worry I have with the pad is that the edges are going to begin to break down at some later point.  ZOWIE Gear, for instance, has a triple stitched edge which prevents any kind of tear to the mousepad.  SteelSeries does not have that triple-stitching and their early QCK and QCK+ edges tear frequently.  I am worried the top layer of the Talent may begin to rip later on.


Final Thoughts

Overall, however, the mousepad is very good and I have used it for the past two to three weeks without wanting to change.  The pad is comfortable, reliable and looks good too!

The final area I want to mention briefly is the price.  Though the mousepad is very good, it is only $25 plus shipping.  This falls under the same price as the ZOWIE G-TF or the SteelSeries Heavy, so good work by PureTrak keeping in line with their competitors when it comes to their best pad.


We have two more PureTrak reviews on the way so stay tuned!

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quote#1 US peawok 31/12/2009 - 03:53:30
Very good mousepad. Here is Nick's comment on my one concern:

One thing I will note is about the fraying on the edges of pad. This is actually built in to the design of the pad.

Through our testing and development stages of this pad, the gamers we spoke to always had issues with the straight cut edges of other pads causing irritation to their arm/wrist areas.

To solve that issue with out pads, we use a special blade that leaves a "soft cut" to the edges of the pad so the contact isn't as rough. No worries though, the fabric will not seperate from the rubber base unless you obviously pull on it.

quote#2 US AGar 31/12/2009 - 15:49:29
Sounds legit. Nice review - good work by PureTrack on this one.

quote#3 US phunk 31/12/2009 - 23:05:51
Great Review Mike. Awesome stuff these products are.

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