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Niko Out, Syype In For H2K

H2K is forced to make a move as Niklas “niko” Johansson leaves the squad.

H2K – a team which made a strong move earlier this year acquired the former LemonDogs – has announced today they will be making a roster change, releasing Niklas “niko” Johansson from the team and acquiring the Begrip player Samuel "Zyppe" Martinsson to replace him.

Niklas “niko” Johansson decided to leave the organization due to real life circumstances which have left him with no time to game.  He told H2k-gaming.eu that he “no longer have the time to play CS professionally since I got a fulltime job so it feels kinda sad to quit playing. I would like to thank everyone for the support and to my family and friends that have stood out with me when I was playing instead of hanging out :) Peace out!”

 “I'm very grateful for this opportunity to join this team. All of the four guys are really good players and I have played with them a lot,” said Samuel “Zyppe” Martinsson, the newly acquired H2K player.

“I have not played with Snajdan so much but for what I’ve seen and heard about him it’s great and I like his game plans. I think all of the players together are a really good team with great skill. By time I think we will get together as one of the top teams in the world. "

H2K has placed poorly in every event they have gone to since their first event with the organization, WCG Sweden, and have not played well since, as they have placed 5th-8th at Dreamhack and 9th-16th at the WCG Grand Finals.

H2K-Gaming Roster:

  Jim "zneel" Andersson
  Emil "FYRR73" Karlsson
  Mattias "Snajdan Andersen
  Abdisamad "SpawN" Mohamed
  Samuel "Zyppe" Martinsson

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