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World eSports Masters Recap

Forest "var1ables" Campbell recaps the last major tournament in 2009, the World Esports Master.

The World Esports Masters – one of the most prestigious tournaments in Asia – has finished their event in 2009. The teams include European champs such as fNatic, AGAiN and MYM, as well as up and comer in MYM, as well as Asian teams such as Tyloo, TiTANS, WeMade FOX, and wNv.cn.

The group stage has been hotly contested with a big surprise coming out of Power Gaming, who was playing with a ringer due to their strat caller Joona "natu" Leppänen having to commit to work rather than go to china. With this they have the core of the former excello roster -  Max "ruuit" Aspe Tino "tihOp" Puumala  Max "ruuit" Aspe and Niko "naSu" Kovanen  all playing for Power Gaming.

With this strong core the team pulled big upsets including a 20 – 10 win over fnatic and 18 – 12 over WeMade FOX, before a close game against wnv.cn, which they won 16 – 14. Fnatic would not turn tail however, winning their next game after the loss 23 – 7 against WeMade FOX pushing them to 2 – 1 which causes them to advance to brackets.

In the other group however, there were some interesting results. First thing which would be noticed is MYM dropping to 0 – 3 outright, which would lead some to believe that the new swedish team's aggressive play has been countered both by the polish AGAiN and the already aggressive asain teams. AGAiN, which has had some shaky results following their decisive WCG win, has also pulled ahead in their group, winning it 3 – 0 and causing the group to be a battle for third. Tyloo would win it out in the end, as they beat the third place team TiTaNs 20 – 10.

Continuing the amazing play Power gaming blew past tyloo 2 - 0 16 - 6 and 16 -11 in the first round of bracket play, making them the first finnish team in almost 2 years to enter into the finals of a major tournament. On the other side of the bracket there was a WCG 2009 grand finals rematch between fnatic and AGAiN which the WCG champions, AGAiN, dropped the balled in the dropping two straight games to the  #1 team in the world according the the G7.

The final would be a cinderella match, with a Power Gaming team which has not done anything major during their entire lifetime as a team, against the #1 team in the world fnatic. However it would end up like rocky, with the Cinderella team losing in the end, power gaming dropped the ball in a sad 2 - 0 display, losing the first map 16 - 7 and the second map 16 - 10, after such a great run through the entire tournament. Fnatic would close the year out on top, showing that they still had the final after a rocky second half year.

Final Standings:

1st: Fnatic: $22,500
2nd: PowerGaming: $7,500
3rd-4th: Tyloo: $5,000
3rd-4th: AGAIN: $5,000
5th-8th: TitaNs: $1,500
5th-8th: MeetYourMakers: $1,500
5th-8th: wNv: $1,500
5th-8th: WeMade FOX: $1,500

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