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G7 Announces Boycotts

G7 teams have announced a further effort for the payment of past prize money.

G7 teams, the top seven teams in the gaming world, have announced today that they will be forming a boycott in the hope of getting the prize money out of the GGL, CPL and ESWC.

The G7 - which had reached out to these organizations with no luck - have decided against further diplomatic measures, and instead take their action to its fullest extent, announcing that they will be boycotting all events and tournaments held by these tournament organizations until they make motions to pay off their debts for the past tournaments.

CPL was best known for their World Tour and their Winter and Summer tournaments, where teams like 3D and Sk-Gaming had shown their skills with huge wins before the company stopped hosting tournaments early last year.

ESWC is another prestigous events, where for example compLexity surprised everyone to take first and both MiBR and the now AGAiN roster have made names for themselves with wins there as well. ESWC was shut down before their 2009 event earlier this year and later repurchased.

GGL, who purchased Clanbase, has not had many major tournaments since Digital Life stopped and had focused more on online ladders and their European tournament series ClanBase. Both CPL and ESWC have recently been resurrected and the GGL have made inroads into the Quake Live scene with the help of the AGP tour.

"G7 Teams is looking for the community to support our petition to boycott and not participate in any ongoing or future events by e-sports organizations that have significant outstanding prize claims. We have tried to reach out to each organizer and address the outstanding claims from gamers around the world, but they have refused to engage in meaningful discussions."

"We ask that the community reviews, signs, and supports our petitions against CPL, ESWC, and GGL and organize so our joint voice cannot be ignored. Once the community has signed the petitions, G7 will be contacting the Attorney General’s office in each of the states they do business (where applicable), advertisers, and sponsors to alert them to our grievances."

Petitions can be found here:

ESWC Petition
GGL Petition
CPL Petition

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quote#1 US peawok 24/12/2009 - 19:19:54
Horrible decision, imo. Especially when two of the organizations aren't even under the same management. Of course they are not going to pay off debts that they don't even know for sure are actual.

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