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IEM American Championship CS Recap

Forrest “var1ables” Campbell recaps the IEM American championship.

The ESL's Intel Extreme Master, the only PC exclusive circuit in the Western World, has had their North American championship.

The IEM North American Championship, hosted in Edmonton, Ontario Canada, had some of the most dominating CS in recent history. With both Complexity and EG coming off exceptional runs at international tournaments it was a question if anyone could shake a game out of the two giants in North America.

The groups for the American championship seemed like a very decisive win for EG, which ran through their group 3–0 with a round difference of 65 to 12.

Complexity did not fare so well, however. While still winning 3–0, they had some tough matches.  For instance, they narrowly edged out the former coL.ca and EG.ca team, Sway Gaming, in a close 17–13 match and a  had a close game from exigent 18–12.

With both of the top teams taking their groups uncontested they moved to bracket play where there were some unexpected results. Both EG and Complexity played far more aggressive in their quarter final games, EG at one point in their inferno game, rushed down mid to just embarrass the sway gaming roster, and easily moved on 2 – 0, with 16 – 6 on nuke and 16 – 8 on inferno. Complexity played similarly, playing Blight Canada, formerly dinc.ca which represented canada at the most recent WCG Grand Finals, was swept 2 – 0, 16 – 5 and 16 – 6.

Prior to Grand Final, one of EG's star players, Danny “fRoD” Montaner told ESL's Carmac that the final was expected and coming off a fresh boot camp has really helped their play in the tournament.  Furthermore he states that coL is a really heavy antistratting team, stating that they learned a way to counter those teams and that they have a lot of fresh stuff that can't be found through demos.

Complexity captain and team leader Andrew “irukandji” Timmerman also was interviewed by Carmac where he stated that EG is a little bit mentally weak and try to get them under the impression that I watch all their demos in hope of making them play off their game and play less confident.

He said he didn't know what to expect from EG.

The finals were not as close as expected, Evil Geniuses smashed through the complexity team 16–8 on nuke and 16–4 on train.

Complexity didn't seem to get anything going from the start, losing both pistols rounds on both maps and getting shut down completely on both sides of play. In the rounds that complexity won were inconsistent with almost no rounds won consecutively by complexity.

Clearly EG's new aggressive play style worked to put a quick end to the hope of a victory in IEM North American Championship final for complexity.

The top two teams, both Complexity and Evil Geniuses, will represent the North American continent at the grand finals.

Final Standings:

Team EG - $15,000
compLexity - $7,000
Blight Gaming - $3,000
Sway Gaming - $1,500
Berserk - $1,000
Team Exigent - $1,000
Kindred - $750
Facepalm - $750

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