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fRoD: Our Team Has Always Been About Teamwork

Prior to IEM American Championship, carmac interviews fRoD about EG's recent events.

A winner of ESWC 2005, Danny “fRoD” Montaner has come out in an interview with eSports journalist Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz about the recent events involving team EG and the recent state of North American CS.

The interview covers things such as how the roster is holding up with new player Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol and how the team overall plays together.

When asked if his team Evil Geniuses was the best team in North America, Montaner states that he “would think so.  I mean we are definitely in my opinion going to get top 3, but winning this is our goal. We had a few good showings in the past international events and have made a lot of ground with Ediz despite him only being in the team for less than a month. We are practicing a lot and working on things and should definitely be improving a lot the more we play.”

To answer a question about how they have played at the last two international events, both DreamHack and the arbalet cup, he states that they “helped get Ediz to know all of our strats and setups, as well as give us a lot of great practice in a small period to get things imprinted in our minds. Obviously it’s clear, playing in Europe with the great ping and great teams [are clear advantages], but the main one for me would be everyone practicing hard and getting all things thought and re learned to try our best to win.”


Warden and EG at WCG USA, 2009, New York City. Insider eSports.


fRoD also mentioned the difference between Matt “Warden” Dickens and Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol, who recently joined the team after Warden retired.

 “Our team has always been about teamwork, our main strategies, and our work ethic. Matt and Ediz both have their own strengths so it’s hard to compare, but the main thing they both share is the drive to win and dedication to the team. Ediz adds a great variety to the team because he can also frag like Matt, but he brings a unique play style in certain defensive setups and what not, and especially if Tomi gets picked early.”

Carmac also asked fRoD about the state of the North American scene.

 “The economy has to get fixed firstly, because there needs to be other organizations or sponsors that can send certain teams to these types of events. Some local events can help a team grow, but international tournaments are where teams can really show their skill. Obviously teams have to stay dedicated and try to make as least roster changes as possible which helps teams build chemistry.”

The full interview is located here.

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