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BDS Retires from SK-Gaming

BDS, one of the longest running members of the CS community, has decided to retire to move onto other things in his life.

Co-owner and managing director of SK-Gaming Andreas "bds" Thorstensson has decided to move on from his position in SK-Gaming and go to other things within his life. He, however, will not be giving up his shares in SK-Gaming, thus continuing on as a co-owner of the company.

He first started SK-Gaming as a player, one being geekboys which dominated the early ladders in cs before being signed to Sk-gaming. After a disappointing 9-12th finish at CPL 2001, he joined SK-Gaming's management where he along with the rest of the SK management made moves to make what would become the most dominant team for the next 4 years.

He was also influential in the website creation, making the forerunners to community websites like ES Reality and Geekboys, a team which he still represents in his twitter account.

His lasting impacts will be the first real demoplayer, aptly named the geekboys demoplayer, still one of the few that could run both Q3A demos and CS demos. He also educated the CS community on the inter-workings of console commands, such as CMDrate, updaterate and many others. Furthermore he released one of the first CS frag movies, Frag or Die, featuring future legends such as Emil “HeaToN” Christenson and Kyle “ksharp” Miller.

Thorstensson wrote a statement on the SK Gaming website.

"When I first joined that Counter-Strike server back in 1999 with my friend korven I never could have realised that 10 years later I would be in the situation I am right now. Running a real company with offices in two cities, having full time employees, full time professional gamers, real fans in many countries around the world, and a web site that attracts over a million unique users per month.

Esports have gone from nothing to almost mainstream. I am very happy to have been part of this journey. Everything must grow and change though, and personally I feel I need a new challenge in my life.

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. Thanks to everyone I ever worked with, played with, competed with, competed against and had beers with. I will miss you all, and I appreciate all the excellent times we had together.

I will always remain SK's biggest fan and supporter..."

Thorstensson will always be remembered for his great contributions and his influence on how the game of CS is played. It is not yet stated who will fill the now open position as managing director, but whoever it is will have the task of a true giant in front of them.

SK Gaming Website

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