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Pandemic Announces New Team

Roughly eight months after disbanding their last CS 1.6 team, Pandemic returns to 1.6.

Pandemic, one of the few North American teams which have remained successful in the last 3 years, has announced tonight that they have jumped back into Counter-Strike 1.6.

Pandemic's first 1.6 team had great success at LAN events in 2006 before it switched to Source with the founder of Pandemic Mark Dolven to go to the CGS's Carolina Core franchise. The second team, which was filled with almost all former CGS players, was disbanded due to players retiring and other inactivity.

Pandemic has announced their new roster, which features three veteran players.

Mason “mason” dickens, who played with old school teams like forsaken with this brother Matthew “warden” Dickens, Mikey “method” So, who has played for NoA, 3D and Complexity in his time, and Travis “tuBBy” Bechtol, who stuck it out with 1.6 playing with mugNmouse and most recently EG for WCG Grand Finals, as well as two upcomers like Dustin “dizzaman” Dilyerd, a former eMg and blight player and his long time teammate Alex “millipede” Abbott.

Pandemic President Chris Lemly spoke to us first about the addition.

"Pandemic has its roots in Counter-Strike. We took our organization in a different direction after CGS came and went, and we've had our ups and downs in the various games that we've supported... but CS never went away,” and added that “With the economy in the state its in, and eSports lacking the unity once had, we felt obliged to rally around the few quality American organizations still standing in the PC circuit. Maybe we can help give American CS another shot in the arm that it needs. We're committed to providing not only great coverage of our team for the fans, but hopefully delivering some quality interactive experiences for casual and competitive gamers alike. There's really just something special about this game..."

Pandemic's New 1.6 Roster:

  Mason “mason” Dickens
  Mikey “Method” So
  Travis “tuBBy” Bechtol
  Alex “millipede” Abbott
  Dustin “dizzaman” Dilyerd

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quote#1 US Var1ables 08/12/2009 - 22:03:31
I'm really happy to see that pandemic is back into 1.6, they have always been a very stable organization, hopefully they can get more sponsors with 1.6 :)

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