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Arbalet Cup Europe Recap

INSIDER ESPORTS – Forrest “var1ables” Campbell give the recap of the last major tournament: Arbalet Cup Europe.

The tournament began with the first two groups in the tournament the first day; Group A began with a shock, with the mix team of k23 and Virtus.pro winning Group A 3–0 over mTw, who finished the group with a solid 2–1 overall score. The tournament continued to surprise, with EG winning group B 2–1, with a close loss to coldfrag 16–14, and beating both ALTERNATE and KERCHNET.

The second day changed the tone complete, with almost no surprises outside of the WCG champions AGAiN taking second in their group to SK, who won their group outright 3–0. Group D had a three way tie for first, with WeMade FOX, tp.Usports, and MYM all finishing 2–1. WeMade FOX was the odd man out, with the worst round differential.  tp.Usports and MYM  advanced to the bracket.

With the seed set, and the brackets filled, the best of one double elimination bracket began. SK-Gaming played tp.Usports first round, who they defeated 16–8 and beat UNiTED in the second round, 16–13.

On the other side of the bracket, insanity ensued, with EG beating mTw in the first round winning 16–7 and then beating AGAiN in the second round 16–12 to meet SK-Gaming in the winner’s bracket final.

In the upper bracket final SK-Gaming bested American EG in overtime 19–16 and sent them to lowers bracket final. In the lower bracket mTw clawed through their first round beating DreamHack champions 16–12, after coming back from an 8–6 deficit in the first half, they won out 9–6, leaving MYM with their lowest placing ever and moving onto the second round of the lower bracket.

They completely demolished the Eastern European UNiTED, 10–5 first half on inferno and took the second half in a slightly closer half 6–5, winning the match 16–10.

In the lower bracket semis mTw met one of their long time rivals, WCG champions AGAiN, and after a contested match, mTw won 16-12.

mTw moved to the lower bracket finals where they played EG, who had sent them to the lower bracket. This time, however, mTw showed their teeth, demolishing the American's 16–5. However, they could not keep up the steam in the championship match, where they lost to SK-Gaming, despite taking the first map 16–6, they fell short in the second game 16–13.

Final Standings:

1st  - SK Gaming $15,000
2nd - mTw $10,000
3rd  - Team EG $5,000
4th  - AGAIN $2,000

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