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Quick Update

The last few months have been crazy. For the last month i've done alot of stuff, between watching back2back tournaments at like 4 in the morning to the LA auto show and MLG alot of stuff has been going on.

MLG anahiem was crazy. It was sad to see the difference in their priorities between their games. HALO was a clear favorite for their events, it had 7 bleachers for their main stage and every one was packed. On the other hand you had WoW, which i really wanted to watch, had a bench...which was ALWAYS full. Then you had GoW2 which had two benches and finally the EA sports area which had like 7 benches and people were standing watching the action.

The LA auto show was nice, i got to see the new GM's new cars, and surprisingly, THEY ARE ACTUALLY GOOD! My dad, who has never like a single chevy car ever, is thinking about buying their crossover SUV to replace our old ass van. The Caddy's were nice and the rest of the line seemed solid. SAAB was nice, and pretty good for the price, as its raw stats competes with BMW's Mseries and Caddillacs CTS...at roughly half the price. The other cars weren't that surprising.

And then you had the two events, both arbalet cup europe and DH winter. Staying up for like 8 hours was fun. I watched the groups of arbalet but I wish i had watched the brackets of the Arbalet cup but i had to wake up early to go to the LA auto show(thank god for demos...i'd never know what happened otherwise). DH was amazing to watch, and seeing the crowd, it was even more impressive than i imagined.

Yeah, November rules. December panning out to be sweet with Christmas around the corner. :)

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