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CompLexity Adds Vo0

DALLAS -- CompLexity Gaming has added Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager to their Quake Live team for the ESL American Finals at Edmonton, Canada, later this month.

Kassjager was and still is considered one of the greatest 1v1 players of all time, most notably for his strong showing during the CPL World Tour Painkiller event.

"After a year long absence from the Quake scene I have decided to return," he stated on the team's website. "I moved to the USA to attend university and be with my fiancee, therefore it only makes sense to play for an American organization. Complexity is just the right choice as they are the number one American team right now, and I thank them for giving me an opportunity to play with their team."

Vo0 will join Brian "dkt" Flander, CompLexity's other player, on the team as they prepare for upcoming events.

CompLexity added that they believe Quake Live will be a major game in 2010 and are excited for its future.

"We strongly believe that Quake Live will have a big year in 2010 and we are committed to providing the coL Community with top tier representation."

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