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AGAiN Gets ZOWIE Support for WEM and Arbalet

POLAND -- WCG champions announce plans for the future.

AGAiN – a team which has played under numerous organizations, namely MYM, PGS and most recently vitriolic – has announced today that they will be participating in both the World eSports Masters and Arbalet Cup Europe thanks in part to support from ZOWIE Gear.

The team is a team of many first; they are the first and only team in CS history to win two ESWC's in a rowas well as the first team in CS history to win two non-consecutive WCG's, first under the name Pentagram and second this year as AGAiN.

The team states that they are not currently looking for a new organization, but are happy to have help from Neo's sponsor ZOWIE Gear, which allows for them to attend these upcoming events.


AGAiN explains about 2009 and confirms going to Arbalet and WEM

Do you know the feeling of feeling betrayed and left out in the cold? We do. As many people in the gaming community knows, 2009 has been a very turbulent year for us. 3-4 of the organisations we have joined has gone down after a very short period, leaving us with empty promises.

Our love to Counter-Strike 1.6 and the fact that we just wanted to play, has lead us into taking many bad decisions. We have joined organisations that seemed to have the same values as ourselves, but everytime we have been proven wrong and even ended up paying the expenses at WCG ourselves.

After reading a lot of forum threads and discussions we can understand that there is a general misunderstanding about our situation. Many gamers tend to think, that we are spoiled, and that we will only play for an organisation that will pay us BIG salaries – but this is not true. We just want to play on the highest level and enjoy the feeling of competitive gaming, attending all the top tournaments.

We left Vitriolic after being let down again, and went to the WCG playing as our own team “AGAiN”. It was a great feeling to win the WCG and we received a lot of offers after the event from organisations that wanted to pick us up. We did not want to rush another bad decision and join an organisation that cannot live up to their promises, so we have been waiting, thinking and trying to find out to do.

Today we are happy to announce, that we have found a partner who will help us through 2009, so we can focus on our game for the rest of this year and then sign with an organisation from the beginning of 2010.

We would like to thank ZOWIE GEAR for believing in us and supporting us, so we can focus on the upcoming tournaments Arbalet and WEM, without having to worry about joining an organisation “just now”. The support from ZOWIE GEAR comes at a very delicate time, where we have already missed out on DreamHack because of lack of sponsors.

ZOWIE GEAR is supporting AGAiN out of the love for the game and to give us back hope in finding the proper organisation to work with for 2010. Neo has a good relationship with ZOWIE GEAR and has played for them at an Asian Promotional Tour this summer, so when he talked to ZOWIE, they did not need much time to agree in supporting us for 2009. We cannot thank ZOWIE GEAR enough for stepping in and supporting our team at the most crucial time of all.

See you online!

‘Team AGAiN’

Read more about ZOWIE GEAR at www.zowiegear.com

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