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DINC Gets Adrenaline

NEW YORK -- Right after a successful second place finish at the ESEA Invite LAN finals, DINC makes a roster move.

DINC, a team that burst onto the scene earlier this fall after a strong second place finish in ESEA Invite LAN finals in Dallas, Texas, where they beat EG.usa to play complexity in the final, has announced today that they have made a roster change, adding Paul “adrenaline” Baker to the roster.

Baker, who has played for teams like PoV, Grid05, and Gravitas in the past, may be what the team needs to pull themselves into an even higher position in the next ESEA season.

To make room for Baker, former rSports and 3D member jimmy “LiN” Lin was moved into a sixth man position despite his great success with the team.

In an interview with FragDominant, team captain Anthony "djibouti" Manosca told them that adrenaline is “such a confident player, knowing when to push, rotate, peek, etc. I love how I don't have to babysit him because he knows exactly how to play. I think he is the right fit for us.” and that he “He's such a confident player, knowing when to push, rotate, peek, etc."

DINC US Lineup:

Anthony "djibouti" Manosca
David "Xp3" Garrido
Paul "Adrenaline" Baker
Kyle "synikaL" Mendez
Jasper "sfX-x1-" Ko
Jimmy "LiN" Lin - 6th

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