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EG Signs GoodforNothing

Evil Geniuses has signed former Turmoil leader Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol to take the place of the now retired Matt “Warden” Dickens.

Goodfornothing is one of few long time players, playing through the CGS era and gaining notoriety for his play in x3o from the time they won their CPL event in 2007 to when they represented the USA in ESWC in 2008, after which he joined Gravitas Gaming with the rest of the former x3o lineup and played in WCG and other events through the last year.

This will also be the second time he has played with Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, who he played with during their CPL win in 2007 before n0thing went on to represent the USA in numerous events with eMg and later EG.

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert told myEG.net that: “I used to try to stick around Ediz as far as teams came when I was younger, first playing with him on excello then on Turmoil, I always liked the way he lead our team and how decisive his own play style was.  I think his level headed attitude and solid decision making will really pick up our mid game play as well as help with overall team strategy. I'm really looking forward to traveling and competing with him once again."

Team captain Tomi “lurppis” Kovenan added that: “When we found out about Matt quitting we talked about possible replacements and it became obvious to us that Ediz is the best fit for our team. Unfortunately our practice time heading to Sweden is very limited but we'll try to make the most of it and I know Ediz will do great!"

Finally new player Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol said: “I loved playing with my former teammates and I'm going to miss that, but I am really excited to play with the EG guys. They have an incredible drive and motivation to win and I know that we are going to be successful. It's also going to be nice to let someone else handle the strat calling for a change allowing me to focus more on my game (although I'm definitely going to be teaching lurppis a few Turmoil tricks)."

The next event they will attend with be DreamHack winter, where they and Complexity will be playing against some of the top teams from Europe and Asia.

New EG lineup:

Danny “fRoD” Montaner
Tyler “storm” Wood
Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert
Tomi “lurppis” Kovenan
Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol

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