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Viborg Vipers Gains Sponsor after DreamHack Qualifier

DENMARK -- Viborg Vipers have received a sponsorship from XLBet to attend DreamHack Sweden.

Danish team the Viborg Vipers have announced today that they have been sponsored by eSports betting agency XLBet.

They beat out their Danish rivals like RAVENS and SoA in the DreamHack Denmark qualifier, where they qualified after an undefeated streak. They have not met the largest team in Denmark, mTw, as they had a direct invite to the tournament.

After this win they had to find a way to pay for the trip to Sweden for the event.

XLBET, the premier eSports betting agency stepped up to the plate.

The manager of Team XLBET Jacob Nielson told HLTV.org that:

"We are incredibly pleased with this collaboration, which actually came quite quickly - which undoubtedly was due to the professional relationship, both for and behind the scenes at Viborg eSport...I must admit that until recently I had very little understanding of the organization, but their latest results and some really good conversations with Rune made it a "no brain" decision."

Team XLBET Lineup:

  G Marc "katulen" Winther
  Jesper "LuffeB" Andersen
  Peter "Maximus" Østergaard
  Tomas "xLo" Falden
  Jacob "steaM" Staechmann

Full Dreamhack Teams List:

 H2K Gaming
 Begrip Gaming
 SK Gaming
 Phantom Squad
 Rodcad Gaming
 Evil Geniuses
 Power Gaming
 k1ck eSports Club
 Oslo Lions
 PGS D-link
 Meet Your Makers

Source: HLTV.org

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