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Undertow Wins ESEA Main

ESEA – Shortly after ESEA I reached it's close, undertow won the ESEA Main Finals.

Third seeded Undertow, a team which had been around a while, but had yet to win a league or event, has won ESEA's main division over teams like #2 seeded Stacked like pancakes and #1 seeded Immortal7, who recently attended WCG USA, if you remember.

After breezing through the first two rounds of competition, with a 16–0 win over whispering eye and a 16–2 win over delicious naughty.  

Undertow came up against their first real threat stacked like pancakes. The game was close until the end, where in overtime undertow managed to edge out the second seed 21–16 and they won the right to compete in the upper bracket finals.

In the upper bracket finals, they met #1 Immortal7 a team featuring all star players like Kevin “azn” Wang and Fadil "Nepo" Canovic and they smashed past them, in a dominating 16–5 win, guaranteeing a top two finish, and moving on the grand finals.

In the grand finals they had a rematch against stacked like pancakes, where the game, while still close, was won by undertow 16–13, giving them the top spot in ESEA's Main division.

Team captain Jacob “darkstarr” Bannon states that they were “surprised actually. We weren't active towards the end of the season and didn't get much practice in,”

And that if they get moved up to invite they are “going to try and make invite playoffs and maybe grab a sponsorship to help us go.”

Final standings:
#1 undertow
#2 Stacked like pancakes
#3 Immortal7
#4 paragon Gaming network
#5-6 Blight, team Texas
#6-8 Nocturonal7, backfire

Undertow roster:
Jacob “darkstarr” Bannon
JD “br0heem” Bratton
Jonathan “n0swal Lawson
Jose “SecretAgent” Fernandez

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