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Running Weekend Blog - ESEA Finals

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Michael Fleming, whether through excitement at the Counter Strike packed weekend, boredom, or most likely lack of friends, has decided to keep you guys updated with a blog for the weekend! Expect stuff on ESEA all throughout the weekend.



(4:45 PM EST) -- CompLexity wins ESEA LAN Finals.  Great job!  We'll be doing some recaps and other features as we can.  Thanks for reading!

(4:17 PM EST) -- DINC is up 8-7 going into the CT half.  I think we're going to see another best of three, folks.

(4:11 PM EST) -- From what I've gathered in my few hours of spectating these matches, it doesn't look like coL is very off, it's more that DINC is very very on.

(3:45 PM EST) -- coL just dominated DINC 16-1.  Ouch.  On to game 3!!  Remember, if coL wins this, they win ESEA.  If DINC wins this, we are on to a second best of three.

(3:24 PM EST) -- coL lost and map two is about to begin on de_nuke! spectv010.esea.net:29869

(3:06 PM EST) -- Six minutes, five rounds for DINC.  DINC stole the second round off coL and now are only two away.  I'll call it early and say coL loses this match.

(3:00 PM EST) -- DINC up 9-6 at half, but coL just took the pistol.  Will be a close game...  Oh and even if DINC wins this best of three, they still have to win ANOTHER best of three to win ESEA.

(2:35 PM EST) -- DINC vs. CompLexity for the title is underway. HLTV is here: spectv009.esea.net:29867

(2:00 PM EST) -- Wow.  EG drops to only third and DINC takes at least second.  That's impressive.  Way to go by DINC.



(8:02 PM EST) -- CompLexity will be playing EG in a few.  I'm definitely going to watch this one.

(6:11 PM EST) -- Loaded beat Turmoil 11-4 in the first half.  Wow.  Turmoil is making a pretty big comeback though.  They were up to 11-8 last time I looked.

(5:39 PM EST) -- DINC vs Excello is up. And I'm off to dinner.  Be back in a bit.

(5:31 PM EST) -- Sorry for the delay in blogging.  I'm a RA at my college and there was damage done to my floor I didn't know about.  Had to write all that up.  Awesome!

(4:22 PM EST) -- CompLexity just beat Turmoil.  Nice work by them!

(3:54 PM EST) -- CompLexity and Turmoil are currently having a pretty good match.  You can watch it here: spectv006.esea.net:29841

(3:35 PM EST) -- Hey everyone. The blog is underway! Also, here's the score information. I haven't been able to get Source up yet.  I'll do my best to get that up as well.


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