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Excello Makes Changes Before ESEA Invite LAN Finals

One of ESEA's top six teams has made a change only a day before the playoffs.

Excello, an organization which made major inroads into the Counter-Strike scene, picking up Finnish astralis for their European squad and only months later picked up the former Blight Gaming roster after they were released following ESEA's first LAN finals last season, has announced that there will be changes in the roster right before the second ESEA LAN finals in Dallas Texas.

They have decided to release David "savi0r" Park and Demir "wrd" Decevic from the roster in order to make room for Jason "jstone" Caposello and Zeus "demos" Wu in hopes that this lineup will allow for better play in the upcoming LAN and online events.

The Excello organization said that the team was also having internal issues, but they did not explain the issue.

“Instead of sitting on a growing problem, the team decided the best action would be to bring in players who are better friends not only inside of the game, but outside of the game.”

Team captain CJ “cJ_B” Banarsee said that he has “played with everyone on my current roster throughout my CS career. I never had the opportunity to play with this specific 5 together. I have faith in each of these players and I think this could be the change we needed to push us to the next level. We're going to be putting in work before ESEA Invite LAN Playoffs and I expect a good performance from this team. We're all young determined players, with the same goals. I can’t wait until our upcoming LAN's!"

Excello Roster:

CJ "cJ_B" Banarsee
Zeus "demos" Wu
Jason "jstone" Caposello
Alex "hazard" Martins
Christopher "projeckt" Costoso

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