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All Star Team Looks for Sponsor

TEXAS -- A new team, Team Texas, formed out of all stars is looking for a sponsor following ESEA Main.

Team Texas, a team that has reached the top 5 in to ESEA Main post season, have a star studded lineup where they placed fifth overall in ESEA Main.

The team features Josh “punkville” Dacus, who has played with top tier teams like iDemise, mugNmouse and numerous other Texas based teams. Along with him is his long time teammate Travis “tuBBy” Bechtol, who has played with him for most of his career, as well as playing as a ringer for EG in the upcoming WCG Grand Finals.

To finish off the North American giants we have Mason “mason” Dickens, who is best known for his play in forsaken with his brother Matt “warden” Dickens.

Along with the star studded lineup two more veterans, Corey “sinysteR” Deveraux, a player who has LAN experience in numerous local and international tournaments, and Brian “Gosu” Longhofer, who played for mugNmouse before the 2009 roster dropped him to add icy and hazard.


Corey “sinysteR” Deveraux told insideresports that “basically we have been trying to put this team together for about 6-8 months now ever since 2009 began and we started attending lethalgamers in Dallas, Texas. We won 2 of the first 3 this year so we decided to try and group the guys together and form Team Texas.

We are very motivated and ready to attend lan tournaments. which is our main goal for the 2010/2011 year. We have competed in ESEA-Main Season 4 to try and get placed in ESEA-Invite & CEVO-Professional for next season. Hopefully that will happen after the LGN tournament early in 2010. We will be a force in the American LAN scene.”

Contact team manager at Jordan@Four-Kings.com if you are interested in the team.

Team Texas Lineup:

Josh “punkville” Dacus
Travis “tuBBy” Bechtol
Mason “mason” Dickens
Corey “sinysteR” Deveraux
Brian “Gosu” Longhofer

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