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goodfornothing Interviewed on WCG, ESEA

INSIDER ESPORTS – It is only a few days before ESEA's LAN Finals and WCG's Grand Finals in Chengdu and Ediz “goodfornothing" Basol has given some of his time to insideresports.com to sit down and talk about Turmoil and their chances.

A member of one of the top three North American teams, Team Turmoil, Ediz “goodfornothing" Basol is no stranger to success.

Since 2007 he has represented the USA in ESWC and WCG where his team turned heads, beating mTw in the second group stage of ESWC Grand Finals before falling out of the tournament due to rounds and winning his group 5–0 in WCG 2008 before losing to team Norway; a dark horse which placed fourth at the event.

Domestically, his team won numerous online and LAN events, ranging from CEVO Professional to the GotFrag Revival Tour to KODE5 USA earlier this year.   

Last month, at WCG.usa, his team shocked the North American CS scene by upsetting favorites compLexity in the first round and gave champions EG a run for their money in the Grand Finals.  They qualified for the Grand Finals as well as showing that his team still had what it took to represent the USA on the global stage.

I sat down with goodfornothing to talk about his team’s upcoming events, the ESEA Finals and the WCG Grand Finals.

How have you been practicing for the upcoming event in Dallas and then immediately after in Chengdu?

Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol: We've had kind of a strange practice schedule, practicing with perez some nights for Dallas and Mehler for others to get ready for Chengdu. Other than that it has been practice as usual, just trying to get as many hours in as we can

How are you adjusting to the roster changes that your team has gone through, after losing thomz and getting evolution?

It has been a pretty smooth transition with evolution. He's a smart player who understands the game so it's pretty easy to work him into our system. It's also nice having another player who can pick up an AWP, it gives us a more dynamic offense and defense.



Who are you looking out most for in the ESEA tournament?

We've been to a ton of these tournaments now with the same guys so there is nobody in specific we're trying to beat. We just really want to finish first here; anything else would be a disappointment really.

How about for WCG?

There we really want to make it to the semis. Last year we lost to Norway on a 3rd map and finished out of the top4 and it was really disappointing so I want to break that boundary this year. I'd also like to see the USA do well in general.

Speaking of WCG you've got a pretty tough group in WCG, but who do you think is the biggest threat in your group?

Definitely mousesports. Even though they've got a ringer they are good players and should be a tough team to beat regardless.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just a shoutout to bruin and all the turmoil fans.

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