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West Sweeps East in ESEA All Stars 1.6

ESEA -- The West Coast destroyed the East Coast tonight in the ESEA 1.6 All Stars Event.

The West Coast proved that they are the best this season after beating East Coast in a 2–0 sweep in the All Star game.

West Coast took the first map, de_inferno, showing the strength of the team with EG members Daniel “fRoD” Montaner and Jordan “n0thing” gilbert.  Both dominated the field, with a combined total of 53–27, a +26 (1.9 FPR between the two of them) total between themselves.

On the other hand the East Coast scraped up a meager 68–96, a -28 (.708) over the whole team. The West Coast took the map 16–7.

The second map, de_train, was no different. Despite a strong 11–4 CT side in which the entire East Coast lineup went positive with Andrew “irukandji” Timmerman of CompLexity leading the way with a 16 – 10, +6 (1.6) in the half.  The East Coast could not defeat the West, led by Ediz “goodfornothing” Basol, who went 26–7, +9 (1.5) over the whole game.

They went on a crushing 12–1 streak on CT side, winning the game and proving regional dominance.

The ESEA Finals are this weekend in Dallas, Texas.

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