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EG Announces New WoW Team

EG, one of North America's premier eSports organizations has announced their new WoW team featuring Tenderloin, smatin and Azael.

EG – one of north america's premier eSports organizations – has announced today that they have made two changes to the roster of their WoW team, which  has had minor success at the last few events they had attended.

They have revealed that Conrad 'zyZ' Lope and Tim 'kollektiv' Yen will be moved to an inactive roster due to lack of playing time and real life obligations which stop them from attending the upcoming MLG event.

Isaac 'Azael' Cummings-Bentley, in game leader and leading damage dealer will be the only original roster member left.

To fill the void left by the two inactive players, Charles 'Tenderloin' Dewland and Rogue player Brent 'smatin' Garcia will be joining the roster.

They will now be featuring a roster of a Rogue, a Warlock and a Shaman, a big difference to the now standard PVP tournament spec, Rogue/Mage/Priest combination. The success of the new team is certainly in question, and will be answered at the upcoming even MLG Anahiem.

EG.World of Warcraft:

Isaac 'Azael' Cummings-Bentley (Warlock)
Charles 'Tenderloin' Dewland (Shaman)
Brent 'smatin' Garcia (Rogue)

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