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ESEA Invite Upper Bracket Round 1 Preview

ESEA -- ESEA Invite Upper Bracket's first round has some top facing off on LAN later this week.

In the first round of the ESEA's invite division of counter-strike features some of the top talent in north America, although the two top teams – complexity and EG respectively – have received byes to the second round, four other teams are going to attempt to start off strong, and prove why they are there, in the top six of America.

The first match will be #5 Loaded CS(9 - 7), which features two players of the  former EG.usa lineup – Michael “che” Guevara and Nazar “steno” Vynnytsky  as well as top tier players like Matt "Lim" Beahan  Ric "iNERTiA" Bundy and the oldest member David “zid” Chin, who has played under the complexity, JMC and dallas venom flag in the past.

This star studded lineup will come up against the newly sponsored #4 DINC.usa(11 - 5) consisting of  Kyle "synikaL" Mendez  Anthony "djibouti" Manosca, two lesser known players,  Jasper "sfX-x1-" Ko, who has played for teams like 50cal infamy and mindscape,   Jimmy "LiN" Lin. Who has played for 3d.ny and rsports in the past,  as well as  David "Xp3" Garrido, who is best known for his time playing for france's aAa, as well has his time at NSU and eMg.

The second match will consist of #3 turmoil gaming (12–4) who has been around the block quite a few time, playing under names like gravitas and x3o, and has now represented America two times in a row in WCG as well as qualifying for ESWC last year. Their lineup consists of three core members Ben "ben_st" Hui Ediz "goodfornothing" Basol and Derrick "impulsive_st" Truong who have been playing together for the better part of the year, and Joe "perez_st" Perez, who played for MoB during their CEVOP win, as well as Scott “evolution” Cavellero who played for recently played with complexity, but also had a short stint with this team during their time in x3o as well as time in both MoB with perez.  

They will face off with #6 Excello.zowie(9 -  7), Excello first American lineup, who had been in blight.usa and dynasty earlier in this year. The lineup consists team captain CJ "cJ_B" Banarsee and Demir "wrd" Decevic , one of the few remaining players in the original lineup, a former complexity player David "savi0r" Park, a iDemise super star in Alex "hazard" Martins  and finally Christopher "projeckt" Costoso. All the players have significantly less LAN experience then the other team, turmoil gaming.

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