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cArn: Goal is to Win WCG

FNATIC.COM -- One of the successful players of the last few years reaffirm their commitment for WCG.

Patrik 'cArn' Sattermon  – the strategic leader of fnatic, the number one counter-strike team in the world – came out today with an interview with fnatic stating that he is ready to win WCG's grand final in Chengdu, China and wishes to disprove the “group stage curse” which lead to their early exit in WCG 2007, after a controversial match against eStro which was ruled against them.

When asked about his rumored retirement he stated that “I have stated that it´s likely, but not certain that this will happen. This is something that I don´t really need to be open about to anyone except Fnatic and my teammates. Our only goal now is to win WCG and finish 2009 in a great manner, in respect to our fans and sponsors. “

When asked about whether the team could do any better he stated that “ If we wouldn´t think we could do better, what´s then the reason of playing? I think throughout my time in Fnatic we have found ourselves ranked #1 in the world the majority of this time span, but still continuing claiming titles. The day you stop practicing or finding motivation you should rather quit playing and find new obstacles in your life to climb.”


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