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KODE5 Announces Latin American Event

After a successful event last year, KODE5 returns to Latin America.

KODE5 – one of the few international LAN tournaments in the world – have announced another tournament this year, this time in Latin America.

KODE5 will once again team up with ProGamer Consultores SAC and E-NNOVVA, two organizations which help organize tournaments in Latin America have teamed up with KODE5 to present the tournament.

KODE5 Latin America will feature team from 10 Latin American countries, making it the largest LAN event in the region. Counter-Strike 1.6 will be the feature game and the best talent from around the region will compete for the right to compete in KODE5 Grand Finals in Moscow, Russia.


"We feel more than pleased with the first results of KODE5 Latin American Draft 2009 that was developed in Lima – Perú. The level of the teams in Latin America and sponsors companies as well as the acceptance from the public were more than expected for all of us. We trust that the next stage will have the same or a higher quality, due to the alliance that exists between our Colombian (brothers) and potential sponsors that will give all their support to the Cyber sports in Latin America."

Martín Lescano Casanova, Project Manager of ProGamer Consultores SAC:

"The KODE5 Gaming Revolution returns once again to Latin America in a big way, by working with ProGamer Consultores SAC and E-NNOVVA, we are confident that the event this year will eclipse even last season’s historic tournament."

Lester Lau, KODE5 Revolutionary-in-Command:


KODE 5 Latin American Qualifiers:

DATES: November 2009 ~ April 2010
COUNTRIES: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Panamá, Nicaragua
LINK: www.kode5-latino.com
GAME: Counter-Strike 1.6
NOTES: 1st place advances to KODE5 Latin America Grand Finals

KODE5 Latin America Finals:

DATES: May 20th ~ 23rd, 2010
LOCATION: Bogotá, Colombia
LINK: www.kode5-latino.com
GAME: Counter-Strike 1.6
NOTES: 1st place advances to KODE5 Global Finals

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