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Oxmoze Changes Roster

After a lackluster preformance at WCG France, oXmoze alters their roster.

oXmoze, better known as emulate, has been one of France's top Counter-Strike teams for a long while, mainly for their strong showing at international events. However, this year they lost their crown in two domestic events, EPS France, where they lost to millennium in the final, and at WCG France.

Due to these two poor events, oXmoze has decided to change their roster – which had been prided as one of the most stable in eSports history – releasing two long time members Michael "HaRts" Zanatta and Jeremy "ioRek" Vuillermet and opening the door for Remi "loduN" Colas and Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet, who have played for both eSports-eu and Qwerty as well as many other teams in the last year.

The team's first LAN appearance will be at Silver Arena LAN, one of France’s biggest LAN events, and will play in Group D with the likes of SK Gaming to try to qualify for ESL's European Continental Finals later this year.


"Drizzer and I are very happy to join a legendary team such as oXmoze (former emuLate), being part of a team that didn't change since so many years is a real honor,” said Rémi 'lodun' Colas to SK-Gaming.com. “We all hope the alchemy will fastly come. I'd like to thank my new teammates for their welcomeness and my old teammates for their friendship."

His new manager added that "things are done. After more than three years playing together, we felt like a lack of motivation, and we had to act to remain competitive. Consequently, we took our time to choose some new players, and here we are. I hope the team will shine again like we used to. But this renewal will clearly help. Welcome to loduN and drizzer in our adventure. Let's rock on!""

Roster of oXmoze:

Mathieu "R!Go-" Bridet
Mathieu "MaT" Leber
Mickael "mSx" Cassisi
Remi "loduN" Colas
Benjamin "drizzer" Charnet

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