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ZOWIE GEAR P-RF Mousepad Review

REVIEW – Michael Fleming reviews the P-RF, ZOWIE GEAR’s first mousepad.

The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line

The Good: The P-RF is small, cheap, and works very well.  It is definitely a good pad to pick up if you are an RTS player or someone who doesn’t need a huge pad.  It’s also thicker than a QCK and likely won’t tear.

The Bad: The big problem I have with it is its size, but then it was designed to be small.  It would work great with my laptop, though.  I also don’t like that its sides aren’t triple stitched like SpawN’s pad.

The Bottom Line:  The P-RF is a great pad if you are on a tight budget, don’t need a huge pad, or are going to use it for something other than gaming.  It would work really well with laptops too.

Specifications:   Water splash proof surface , easy for cleaning, Works perfect for all mice,    Special designed non-slip rubber base, Pure cloth surface could be bent without damage, Right size for designers & gamers : 340 x 290 x 4 mm / 13.4 x 11.4 x 0.16 inch
OVERALL: 8 out of 10

Editor’s Review:


The P-RF is one of ZOWIE’s older creations.  It’s small but extremely thick, designed for anything gaming or for office use, if you’re looking to sport a gaming pad, I guess.  While not as good as SpawN’s mousepad, this thing would work well for anyone with a tight desk or looking to cut back on their gaming gear costs.


The black mousepad’s feel is bit different than SpawN’s mousepad.  It feels a bit rougher, like it’s built for quick and easy transportation.  I would personally use it with my laptop, where I know I’m not gaming, but it definitely can be used by, for example, a RTS player at LAN.

Directly out of the box, I noticed that the feel is a bit different than my QCK’s or even SpawN’s pad, the G-TF.  It is definitely not as smooth as Steelseries’ products, but it is even rougher than the G-TF.   That isn’t a bad thing, so far I’ve had no troubles with tracking, just surprising to me.

Its logo, unlike the SpawN pad, is up in the top right corner and, sadly, white.  I stated my opinion on white logos before, but fortunately it is not in the bottom left corner.  Overall, it looks and feels nice, and while small for me, is a good pad for the deal.


First and foremost, I decided to put this pad through the water test.  I drenched this thing in water to see what happens.  I spilled a full cup of water on it, “simulating” an accidental spill.  Aside from some water on the top layer, the P-RF held up like a champ.  I dabbed it off with a towel and the pad was back to 100% the way it was before.  I didn’t try soda or an energy drink, but I’m guessing that it would hold up better than the QCK or something like that would.

After that, it was time to get to some gaming.  This pad I definitely wouldn’t use for something like Counter Strike – it’s really the size that does it for me – but I did play some StarCraft games with it.  RTS players: this pad is definitely a pad for you.  It’s thick, small, and has really good traction.  I had no problems and again, while small, it would work for players that are used to smaller mousepads.  While I was at WCG covering it, I saw most of those guys using small pads.  This is one they could easily substitute in.

The rubber surface ZOWIE prides over in the pad’s specifications works just as well as SpawN’s pad.  I tried tugging on the pad.  I tried really grinding with my mouse on it.  It wasn’t budging.  ZOWIE definitely was serious when they said it wasn’t going to move.  I needed to pick up about one-fourth of the pad before it would really start to move.

Since I haven’t had it very long, I can’t really tell you about the “easy for cleaning” feature that ZOWIE also mentions.  I can say that many different people have borrowed this pad from me over the past few weeks and helped me get different opinions, and this thing has yet to get a mark.

The one feature I wish they put in was the triple-stiched edges like SpawN’s pad has.  I’m guessing that was an idea they had later on, but it certainly could have used it. I’m worried that, over time, the pad could get worn out.  Since I would use this pad with my laptop at an event, for instance, I wish it had that extra layer of protection that their other pad employs.

Final Thoughts:

Overall this mousepad is good.  It’s cheaper than most pads and I don’t think ZOWIE was stretching the truth on any of the features of the pad.  While it wouldn’t work for me and gaming – I’m mostly a FPS player – it would be a good pad for someone who plays RTS’s or just needs one as a backup or for travel.  As for me, though, I’ll be sticking to their G-TF.

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If anyone would like more pictures, I can add them. The article was a bit short so I only did a few images. Check Zowie Gear's website for more as well! :)

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