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4Kings Close Their Doors Until 2010

UNITED KINGDOM -- Four Kings have shut their doors temporarily due to "internal problems over the past few months".

The organization has stated they will return, but not before at least 2010. They have promised that they will come back "stronger, more resilient, and worthy of your support".

While it is unknown what exact problems made them shut down, CEO of 4Kings, Andréas "fisk" Johansson said that it was due to internal problems over the past few months.

The TrackMania team and the FIFA09 team will retain their contracts.  Surprisingly, however, the Four Kings contract with their Counter Strike: Source roster will not be renewed and they are apparently already being transferred to a new organization.



First up, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Andréas Johansson also known as "Fisk". Just a couple of days ago, I took the spot as CEO here at 4Kings, to, and am going to control everything here with a new, steady hand.

Let me explain, here at 4Kings we've been bugged by a lot of internal problems through the past few months, it's ended with us being in the situation that we are in now. From this point on, we have released the Counterstrike: Source team, they are currently being transferred to a their new organisation and we wish the very best for the team, we can only say thank you for your time, commitment, and dedication to 4Kings and good luck in the future.

We will no longer be active this year, however this is not the end. To our fans, players, and staff, we share this promise we shall return stronger, more resilient, and especially worthy of your support. We shall return, In this time we'll rebuild from the foundations up and make people remember who we are, we're 4Kings, Gaming Royality.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,

Andréas 'Fisk' Johansson

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quote#1 GB Nookie 11/06/2010 - 15:15:01
Thats really depressing i hate it when teams are dropped....

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