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WGTCL Season 22: Week 1 Recap

WGTour.com – The first week of the 22nd season of WGT Clan League is in the books, and Division 1 opened up with some strong statements from some unlikely teams. Read the recap here.

Pandemic 5:0 Going Effective Together

After their big announcement of their move to the multi-gaming dynasty, Pandemic's new StarCraft squad (formerly known as Team LighT or eXpertise) opened up showing that Pandemic made a good choice in picking them up, sweeping GeT straight off the board. Not only did Pandemic's lineup of Castro, Kabal, Assem (!!) and Gretorp in the 1v1s and the 2v2 squad of Dea and Kabal win 5-0, but none of the mentioned players even lost a game to GeT's squad. This is a big message coming from Pandemic – we're here to show people what's up.

mTw 360° Gaming 0:5 ESC.ICY-BOX

The other 5-0 win this weekend came as no surprise to anyone – ESC is easily on of the most talented rosters around, with big-guns like White-Ra, Ret, IefNaij and Strelok at their disposal against their opponents. mTw couldn't have been happy when ESC sent all their big names out blazing, and the combination of White-Ra, Ret, Strelok, Kolll and Belladona and Kyopo for 2v2 just obliterated the German squad. Only Horror was able to pull any games from ESC, pulling a single game off of Kolll in the losing effort.

Evil Geniuses 4:1 Neo Roxor Team

In their first major clan league appearance in a top division, Evil Geniuses opened up with a strong statement, stunning NrT with a 4-1 victory. Incontrol, Nyoken and Machine picked up key 1v1 wins against NrT's Flaf, Bonyth and Predy while the 2v2 team of Lzgamer and Inka scored their victory against NrT's duo of Flaf and Ultraling. Ultraling was able to pick up the sole win for his team, beating out EG's Protoss player Inka in the process.

Templars of Twilight 1:4 RoX.KIS

The rematch of the Titans League championship matchup didn't quite live up to expectations this weekend. RoX came prepared, even though several of their players were focused on WCG Russia's national finals, and Templars of Twilight didn't bring their A-Game. The result wasn't pretty, as all ToT was able to muster up was a 2v2 win in the effort. Aside from that, they were completely beaten down by the Russian-based squad.

Zajebiście Zjebany Zespół 3:2 Nerds at Work

The closest match of the weekend took place between two primarily European based teams, when ZZZ beat out NaW in a close 3-2 matchup. ZZZ brought out MistrZZZ and ZZZero and then a few lesser known players in the match, and pulled through against a hurting NaW lineup that only sported 2 of their usual starters. Target wasn't able to pull through for the win, while Tosky and SouthPark managed to scrape together wins over two of the Poles to salvage the score for NaW.

With the first week of Season 22 in the books, things are looking good for the WGT Clan League, and the competition looks as strong as ever. Will the teams that lost this weekend be able to bounce back? Or will the strong teams continue off of the early momentum and start some winning streaks? Only time will tell as the league continues to produce great games.

United States of America Pandemic 1-0 6
Germany ESC.ICY-BOX 1-0 6
Russia RoX.KIS 1-0 5
United States of America Evil Geniuses 1-0 5
PolandZajebiście Zjebany Zespół 1-0 4
Sweden Nerds at Work 0-1 2
European Union Templars of Twilight 0-1 1
South Korea NeO roxOr Team 0-1 1
Germany mTw 360° Gaming 0-1 0
Norway Going Effective Together 0-1 0

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