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Building a Team

INSIDER ESPORTS -- Kai talks about building a team and teamwork.

Some people can argue that to win a game, one needs to have a good offense. Others say the having a strong defense is better. Most teams that win championships have a great defense and a solid offense. They also have players that can perform in the clutch and aren’t afraid to make mistakes.

Michael Jordan missed way more buzzer beating shots than he has made, but at the end of each game, he still wanted the ball to try to win the game. Tom Brady is as good as he is in the pocket because of his o-line protecting him and giving him time to throw.

In video games, it’s not any different.  When you are playing a game like Counter Strike, the team that usually wins is one that can hold their CT side, while still having a solid enough attack on T side. Each team usually has their own player who can come out winning in a 1 on 2 or 1 on 3 situations.

When you play a game like Soul Calibur or any other fighting game, you usually wait and wait until you see an opening to attack your opponent. By doing so, you take little to no damage and when you strike, you can put up combos that do a ton of damage to them.

In MMORPG games, it’s the same thing. If you play a PvP RPG game, and it has battlegrounds, you are usually defending bases you captured while still attacking the other teams base and trying to gain control of those. In arena, you try to use as many defensive skills as possible so that you take as little damage as possible, and then you attack the other players/team.

The thing that most new teams or players seem to do is not pick out players based on their chemistry with other players, but for their individual skill and ability to get many skills or to score many points for their team.

People tend to see someone kill many people or score many points in a scrimmage tend to think, “Wow, he must be good. We need him on the team.” and they seem to lose focus on the communication in ventrilo or other voice programs. This individual may not be communicating at all or causing problems with other members on your team.

Communication is important in any sport. Little to no communication in sports may cause athletes to run into each other. Minimal communication causes players to run to the same spots on the defending side and confusion on what to do on the attacking side in a FPS game.

Although all this is important, one must also decide on a player to build a team around, usually the “star” of the team. The Chicago Bulls built around Jordan, the Cavaliers are building around Lebron and Patriots built around Brady.

The players that these team picked up to play with the individuals are not only solid players themselves, but work well with each other. They all have common goals, which they all know how to achieve: With lots of practice.

Practice doesn’t mean scrimmaging all day although that is part of it. Practicing means to dry run through different plays and scenarios so that when it comes down to the last play of the season in the championship match, they know what to do and how to do it.

Practicing isn’t all of it though. If one was to go into the practice only half-assing it, there is no point in practicing at all. To become better, one must give it their all at all times. Players have to give 100% during practice and give even more during a game so that at the end of the day, whether they win or lose, they can turn off the computer and go to sleep not doubting whether or not they played their hardest.

For any team to improve, individuals need to step out of their little box that they are comfortable in and try different things in practice so that they can do different things while still running the same play. By doing so, it can confuse other teams because they see/hear the same play being run, but then the players do different things every single time, thus causing the defending team to stay where they are while the attacking team can attack the other site.

The last thing any team/player should look at is the plays. While they are important, teams have showed it is possible to make it deep into the playoffs without any plays and making them up on the spot. The important things in a team are the chemistry and how familiar players are with each other.

A player like Steve Nash, who almost always knows where his teammates are, can make a no look pass perfectly giving the player an open lane. This just shows that if players are familiar with each other, they’ll know what their teammates like to do and can make an amazing play happen without having to over communicate.

Edmund Burke once said “Good order is the foundation of all things.”

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