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H2k Picks Up Two

After losing face and krhystal to Sk-Gaming, h2k picks up zneel and florenz.

H2k, an organization which is best known for their recent accomplishments in Sweden such as winning DreamHack and winning a spot to WCG's Grand Final, has finalized their roster after losing two of their players to SK-Gaming.

The two players new to the H2K lineup will be Jim 'zneel' Andersson and Christian 'floreNz' Shanahan.

However, this is only a temporary move, which was made clear when Swedish CS news site, Fragbite.com, interviewed Björn "threat" Pers, captain of h2k.

Zneel, who is best known for his recent release from SK-Gaming, had shown strong individual performance at DreamHack Summer, which gained him his spot at SK-Gaming.

However, following disappointing play at the WCG Sweden Qualifier, ESL SuperCup and the IOL Final, he was released in hope of a different but better lineup.

floreNz is best known for the CS frag movie “The Dreams of floreNz". Earlier this year he played for the then alchemist team, where they exploded onto the scene placing fourth at ESWC Masters, where they beat Korean team WeMade Fox to place in the top four.

H2k Lineup:

Jim 'zneel' Andersson
Bjorn "THREAT" Pers
Emil "FYRR7E" Karlsson
Christian 'floreNz' Shanahan
Niklas "niko" Johansson

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