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SpawN G-TF Review

REVIEW – As part of their new project together, Michael Fleming reviews ZOWIE Gear’s new mousepad, created by the company and former Counter Strike 1.6 player, Abdisamad 'Spawn' Mohamed.


The Good, The Bad, and The Bottom Line
SpawN G-TF

The Good: The SpawN G-TF is everything you want in a mousepad.  It’s fast, precise and doesn’t move around the table.  It also has a protective rim, fixing one problem many users complain about with the QCK+.

The Bad: Since it’s pretty thick it’s hard to fold up the way a gamer would throw his keyboard, mouse, headset and mousepad together at a LAN event.  Though you can manage it, it is more likely to unfold when walking from computer to computer.  Buying it in America can also be rough, as it hasn’t hit nearly as many websites as it has in Europe.

The Bottom Line: I read other reviews about ZOWIE’s products and it seems like everyone is thinking the same and they have it right.  It’s a great mousepad and line that gamers will become very interested in.

Specifications:  Unique and Original SpawN’s textured – 100% cloth but fast as plastic, Water-resistant surface allows for easy maintenance, Anti-fray Edges – Triple-stitched, rolled hem for longevity of pad life preventing wear-n-tear, Rolled Edges – Provides added comfort while playing, Compatible with all mouse types, Purposefully designed with non-slip grip rubber base,
Dimension: 440 x 380 x 4 mm / 17.3 x 15 x 0.16 inches
OVERALL:  9 out of 10


Editor’s Review

The SpawN G-TF is ZOWIE Gear’s newest mousepad creation. Built with assistance of famous player Abdisamad ‘SpawN’ Mohamed, the mousepad looks to correct problems in past mousepads in design, features and performance.  Though new on the market, ZOWIE Gear has been moving quickly through the scene, already having several products out and signing endorsement deals with SpawN and Heaton.  The G-TF is reasonably priced among its competitors.


At first glance the G-TF looks nothing different than a QCK+.  It’s only slightly smaller, is the same color and has almost the same feel.  I’ve personally never used a QCK Heavy, but it’s fairly similar in design if you have ever used one.

The first thing I saw when I pulled it out of the package was how ridiculously thick it is, at least compared to my QCK+.  I know there are thicker pads, but this thing wasn’t rolled up like most others, it was just at the bottom of the box. It made me curious to know how I would do with it, considering I’m used to much smaller ones.

I also noticed the SpawN logo at the bottom left.  Looks pretty cool – kind of cheesey but I can deal with it – and it’s a good color.  I hate white logos like on SteelSeries or QPAD because they can get dirty.



The final thing I noticed was the grip on the bottom of the pad and the stitched edges.  They are both covered in the feature section.  Under the surface of the G-TF is a world of hidden technologies to help improve performance and durability.


The GT-F has many features – seven, by ZOWIE’s own count – that I think it would take a pad’s life to see if they are all truly there.  I’ve used the pad for three weeks now and still haven’t had anything damage it, though I feel I probably care more about my products than a normal gamer does.  For life duration purposes, though, I decided to look more at what will hold this thing together.

One thing ZOWIE Gear boasts themselves on is having water resistant mousepads.  My old QCK+ could be dabbed with water to help clean it but I don’t think washing it was the right move, considering it had little protection from a washer and its cycles.  Put simply, I wasn’t going to risk putting it in there and having it ruined, so I kept with the dirty mousepad look, up until I finally bought a new one.

I’ve seen other reviews and tested the water-resistance myself and I could tell that the G-TF and ZOWIE aren’t lying when they say it’s water resistant.

ZOWIE also prides themselves in “correcting” problems that other mousepads have, namely in life expectancy for other pad.  While I couldn’t test that without making you wait a few years to see how the pad holds up, I did try and find things that would keep it together, namely the anti-fray edges that, I should mention, have also been rolled over for comfort.

What ZOWIE did was something that anyone who is like me will love.  My biggest concern with my QCK+ is that after about a year or so the stitching comes undone around the edges and the pad is slowly ripped away.  ZOWIE triple stitched them and then put what I feel was a protective measure more than a comfort measure.  They placed another layer over that and rolled it, so that it’s comfortable if you rest your hand against the edge of the mousepad.



Those technologies were one of the key ones that sold me, but there is one other technology that I thought was more than just the icing on the cake.  ZOWIE Gear lists the rubber base as the last one – other than the dimensions, of course – but I personally think it’s the first and most important one. I can’t tell you how many times I have found my QCK+ hanging off the edge of my table because I was able to slide it off while gaming.  I have yet to have that problem with the G-TF.

While G-TF looks like every other mousepad, it packs a punch in the features department.  The water resistance, the stitching and anti-fray edges and the rubber base – my personal favorite part of the G-TF – are what made this mousepad so great.




Final Thoughts:

As I’ve already began to mention in the features section, the G-TF’s performance is exactly as ZOWIE Gear explained it would be to me.  The mousepad hasn’t done wonders to my game, but it certainly has put me a step in the right direction.

I would be very interested to see how it holds up against a QCK Heavy or other companies.  I’ve always used a QCK+ as my mousepad of choice – at least up until I received the G-TF – but other people who have newer and better quality pads like the Heavy might not find the GT-F to be the pad for them.

Personally, though, I could not have had a better experience with a company’s management or the product itself. They made sure all the promises are met, let me have time to test it, and proved to me that ZOWIE Gear really does have it right.

The next review will be on ZOWIE’s first mousepad, the P-RF.  They did not have SpawN helping them with that one, so we’ll have to see how much SpawN really helped ZOWIE!

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quote#1 US confire 30/09/2009 - 01:07:21
Been using the pad for a few days now and I love it =]

Oh btw, it's G-TF :P

quote#2 US peawok 30/09/2009 - 07:46:53
Thanks confire. I just call it "spawn's pad" with everyone haha. :)

quote#3 US mascot 20/12/2009 - 19:51:45
I recently reviewed this mouse pad on my site as well and came to the same conclusion! Overall it is a very nice mouse pad, I much preferred it over the QcK or any Razer mouse pad. It seemed of better quality and performed a whole lot better in the way it was designed.


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