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NEW YORK, New York - After a long two days of group play and bracket play, Day 3 was all about two players - IdrA and Louder. Only one of them could come out on top.

 The StarCraft finals for WCG USA pitted Greg "IdrA" Fields, the CJ Entus progamer against David "Louder" Fells, playing for Evil Geniuses this weekend. Louder needed to win two best-of-three series against IdrA to come out on top, and he knew it was going to be an uphill battle. But he couldn't have expected what came of the matches, as IdrA's progaming prowess took over and he cleanly swept him aside like he was just any other player.

 The first game went down on Colosseum II. Louder came on strong and took a lot of expansions, putting him soundly in the lead of the game. But he played passively, allowing IdrA to take the game longer and longer where he grew stronger and stronger. A crucial snipe of a shuttle carrying three storm-ready High Templar really hurt Louder, seeing as how if he hadn't hesitated, he probably wouldn't have lost the shuttle. That was the big swing of the pendulum in the game and IdrA just took over from that point and controlled the entire game and shut Louder down.

 The second game on Destination was like clockwork for IdrA. He easily controlled the tempo of the game and forced Louder into an uncomfortable position for the entirety of the game. It wasn't long before IdrA had a plethora of siege tanks marching into Louder's natural and threatening to break down the ramp. After a bit of a breakout, IdrA brought more reinforcements and finally barged into Louder's main while simultaneously nerfing Louder's second expansion and took the game.



 United States of America CJ_IdrA[Media]
 United States of America  EG.Louder
League: WCG USA Finals
Map: Destination, Python, Tau Cross, Colosseum II, Blue Storm
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