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EG vs. CompLexity in the Lower Bracket

NEW YORK CITY, New York -- CompLexity and EG will face off in the Lower Bracket after getting knocked down by Turmoil and Dynamic, respectively.

It was two very close games as CompLexity and EG looked to move on in the brackets against Turmoil and Dynamic. What happened was not expected by anyone.

Many thought Dynamic would play well against EG, who have been having trouble on the defensive side.  They did, as Dynamic took the first half 11-4, giving EG a huge hill to climb for the second half.  EG would start off strong winning five rounds before Dynamic pulled their own, but Dynamic would move to game point before EG even got close 15-9 overall.  EG would take the following five rounds before Dynamic clinched it.






Complexity Drops to Turmoil

As that game finished up, CompLexity and Turmoil were moving towards game point as well.  Turmoil mounted an amazing comeback to take the game an extremely close 16-14. CompLexity had an obvious look of disappointment, with Irukandji having his head in his hands as the final round came to a close.





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