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NEW YORK, New York - WCG USA's StarCraft tournament draws to a close tomorrow with a Grand Finals matchup that one could only hope for - David "Louder" Fells, representing Evil Geniuses will take on CJ Entus progamer Greg "IdrA" Fields.

  The WCG USA StarCraft tournament has been filled with great games and intense matches. From wondering if Greg “IdrA” Fields could make something happen to watching epic comebacks from large deficits, we've seen it all this weekend. That includes another phenomenal LAN run by Evil Geniuses Protoss player David “Louder” Fells. Once again, in the pressurized LAN environment, EG.Louder rose to the occasion, securing the second spot out of his group behind IdrA to make the bracket phase. There he beat Eric “G5” Rothmuller to advance to the upper bracket finals where he lost to IdrA. Again, in the lower bracket finals, Louder met G5 and beat him soundly 2-0, putting him in position for the grand finals rematch against IdrA. IdrA, meanwhile, looked like smooth sailing all weekend long, cruising through everything only dropping one game to a cheesy all-in from Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson. The CJ Entus progamer's training is really shining through here – all the time he is cool, calm and collected.

  The road ahead will be excruciatingly tough for Louder, as he has to win two best-of-3 sets against IdrA to win the title. No one this weekend besides iNcontroL has managed to take a game, although a few have come close. Louder was one of them, where he had a game in the bag until a mental lapse kept him from getting high templars. Unfortunately, IdrA is aware of this sentiment, and will probably prepare heavily for Louder's play style leading up to the match. Louder taking one best-of-three isn't unheard of, but him taking both will be highly impossible.

Prediction: IdrA 2-1 Louder, No second series needed

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