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Day 2 is IN THE BOOKS!

After oversleeping and getting to the center late, I only missed one match, but apparently it was an awesome one. The day was packed with games, but it was worth it. The day's games were great and exciting, and there was a crowd the entire time. It was awesome.

IdrA is in the finals (big surprise) against Louder (real surprise), who has played fantastically this weekend. Needless to say, IdrA is the favorite, but I expect good games.

Not much big to recap, I had a great time. Met Blaine whom I'd been speaking to all month long leading up, so that was cool.

Oh! We got to go to ESPN Zone for a VIP party. Open bar, free food, the works. Unfortunately, I'm 18, and our hotel is far away so we only stayed for an hour and didn't drink. Still, I had a great time hanging with some of the SC players. Got a semi-awkward photo with Lurpis, this guy insisted that Mike and I do it.

Anyways, I'm off to kill some more Cokes and have peanut-butter & jelly hotdogs.



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