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CompLexity Shocked by Dynamic for Tie

NEW YORK CITY, New York -- Group B favorite CompLexity is shocked by Dynamic for a tie.

After seeing the groups, many expected CompLexity to dominant Group B with Frag Dominant the likely second.  So far it seems the less experienced teams are giving them a run for their money.

Only moments ago, CompLexity tied Dynamic on de_tuscan.

The match was extremely close with rounds being traded back and forth, but it was definitely CompLexity's poor teamwork that led to the tie.  In game, they were typing between rounds saying things that any spectator should be concerned with.  They were unsure of their responsibilities at times and while they appeared to avoid Dynamic's screams, something was certainly getting to them.  At times, coL would feel the match was out of their hands, expecting people to be blind but they would still frag two or three or hiding in very unpredictable spots.

While the match certainly does hurt CompLexity, their focus is to win the remaining matches.  A loss could place them without the top seed for the bracket stage, where they would face EG should they place second in their group.

CompLexity will face currently top seeded team Frag Dominant soon on de_dust2.  Dynamic will have several hours off to go over strats for their next map, de_nuke.



Frag Dominant Takes Down Infamy


Frag Dominant faced off against Infamy while the CompLexity match was going on.  Infamy seemed to be stringing rounds together, but it wasn't enough as FD won 17-13.  Infamy will be playing Paragon, who when last seen were warming up and talking over their strategy.

Frag Dominant will be playing CompLexity.  If CompLexity has not been able to get over the tie and FD takes the win, they will likely win the bracket.

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