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So Peawok has a funnier title for his, but that's him. It's 1:35 and I'm typing while he bullshits with Det. W/e. Lol.

I was PSYCHED yesterday for the weekend, and I tried not sleeping. Unfortunately, I passed out and woke up around 9. Fuck, I'm late. Great.

So I rush to get ready, and get to the train station. Get on my train, get to NYC. Get my press pass. Good stuff, right?

I get to the SC area, and all the guys are warming up. I say hello to guys that I know, introduce myself to some others that I knew from online but not in person. BTW, I met SirScoots. Talk about pro - dude whipped out a nice looking card within 30 seconds of our conversation starting. Legit.

So the games began. The first match was marquis - IdrA vs Nyoken. Artosis said it best - "This should be the finals match." but alas, it wasn't. Anyways, IdrA has been on a tear. He hasn't dropped a SINGLE game. Some other guys have been playing beastly - G5 and Louder have played top caliber StarCraft. Unfortunately, Artosis and Nyoken haven't done as well as I hoped, nor has iNkA. It's great that they're here, but it's a shame to see them struggling this weekend. Hope they do well tomorrow.

Day 2 looks to be good - Group B is wide open with anyone able to take the reigns. LzGaMeR, G5, and Machine all have looked strong today and could easily shift into position to take the lead tomorrow.

That's it for today - things were good. Check back for a bigger update tomorrow!

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