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MYM Acquires Begrip and Zet

After its resurrection, MYM has been looking for a CS team, and has found one in four begrip players and former SK player, zet.

MYM – a team which had went bankrupt earlier this year after its owner went under due to a lack of funding – has come back in the last month acquiring a WC3 team as well as a DoTA lineup in very short time.

MYM has now found a CS team in Begrip, which lost their sponsorship earlier this year. Despite not qualifying to WCG Finals in Chengdu, China, the teams impressive play at IOL 2009 Finals was certainly the boost they needed.

Marcus “zet” sundstrum, best known for his play in NiP, SK, and Complexity LA during its CGS years, was released from SK-gaming earlier this month due to “unprofessional behavior”.

He missed a flight for the first Extreme Masters event earlier this year in Cologne, Germany.

MYM|pita, the only none Swede in the lineup, said that "today we are very proud as a team to join up with one of the greatest organizations ever, MYM. We are very proud for this opportunity, and we are really looking forward for a good and a long time together. With the new addition to the team, in form of zet, we hope climbing to the top with the help of MYM and their sponsor PUMA."

MYM.CS Lineup:

  Marcus 'zet' Sundstrom
  Faruk 'pita' Pita
  Andreas 'moddiii' Fridh
  Jimmy 'Jumpy' Berndtsson
  Marcus 'Delpan' Larsson

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