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ESL Announces Chengdu Groups

CHINA -- ESL announces the official groups for the second Global Challenge in Chengdu, China.

ESL, one of the largest gaming leagues in the world, has announced the official groups of their second global challenge in Chengdu, China. The groups have three teams in each of the four groups – the top two of each group making it to the bracket stage – making twelve teams in total in the overall tournament, each competing to have the biggest slice of the $40,000 dollar prize pot.

Group A has top team in the world, fnatic facing off with two Chinese teams, the rising star that is tyLoo who won China's WCG Qualifier and the team that most recently picked up long time pro jungle, SC.united.

Group B contains Sweden's own SK-gaming, which has two spots to fill before the event, Korean powerhouses wemadefox and Kazakhstan's best k23.

Group C features American EG, coming off their big win in Mexico over WeMade Fox in the Finals, Made in Brazil and Singapore's best, TitaNs eSports. The final group contains mousesports, who won GameGune Spain as well as ESL's first Extreme Masters event, the SuperCup. Wnv.cn is also in the group and the new etam, The Pincho Wings.

Group A:

Group B:
 SK Gaming
 WeMade FOX

Group C:
 Evil Geniuses
 Made in Brazil
 TitaNs eSports

Group D:
 PinCho Wings

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