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G7 Teams Working to Resolve Owed Prize Money

WORLD NEWS – After numerous teams report problems with prize money, the G7 teams are attempting to help regain some of the lost cash.

G7 has asked anyone owed prize money at any eSports event to contact them if they haven’t been paid.  Full information is below:

E-sports has proven to be one of the most accessible forms of competition, and at the highest level e-sports has proven to be an extremely compelling form of entertainment that has captured the interest of millions of fans worldwide.

Over the past twelve years millions of dollars have been awarded to the top gamers through professional competitions on six continents, however there also have been a few event organizers that have failed to pay their advertised prize purses.

When pursuing delinquent payments, players and e-sports organizations are often given the run around and ignored. G7 Teams, an association of the top e-sports organizations in the world, is now calling for anyone owed prize money to come forward to help organize and unite in pursuit of prize money rightfully owed to competitors. Any player or team owed prize money is encouraged submit the following information to prizemoney@g7teams.com by September 21, 2009:

•    Your full name, e-mail address, and phone number
•    The event name, location, date, and organizer that you competed in
•    The team and alias you played under at the event
•    The game you competed in, your placement, and your owed prize money
•    Links, confirmation e-mails, or any other information to verify the prize amount you’re owed
•    A brief status of your previous correspondence with the organizer

Submissions will be fact checked, organized, and aggregated as G7 Teams will then contact delinquent organizers in an effort to settle the matter. After one round of contact, G7 Teams will then assign and publish past and current e-sports organizers with a prize payout status rating. Gamers and sponsors can then consider these ratings before attending or sponsoring future events. Subsequent collection submissions and ratings will be regularly conducted to help hold e-sports organizers honest and accountable.

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