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WGTour.com - The WGT Titans League is wrapping up this weekend after a tough season.

  The WGT Titans League began almost 3 months ago with 10 of the very best teams fighting in a 9 week season for a chance to make the playoffs. Last week, we saw the first round of the playoffs conclude, with RoX.KIS beating eXpertise in dominant fashion, dropping only 2 sets to the primarily American team. Meanwhile, the week earlier, Templars of Twilight and ESC.ICY-BOX renewed their rivalry, the first time the two met since Dutch Zerg ret had transferred between teams. Unfortunately for ESC, ToT came out with a vengeance and won the series 5-1, claiming victory and moving on to the finals. Now we are faced with a finals between RoX.KIS, who had a perfect season and Templars of Twilight, a storied name of old in the Brood War community.


Russia RoX.KIS European Union Templars of Twilight
Ukraine RoX.KIS.ALF China ToT)XiaOzI(
Russia RoX.KIS.aoOaGermany ToT)Mondragon(
Peru RoX.KIS.FenixSweden ToT)HayprO(
Ukraine RoX.KIS.DIMAGA Sweden ToT)Naugrim(
Russia RoX.KIS.BRAT_OK United States of America ToT)yosh(
Lithuania RoX.KIS.Arew Poland ToT)ParanOid(


Peru RoX.KIS.Fenix

China ToT)ljt(

China ToT)XiaOzI(

 Games to Watch
Russia RoX.KIS.aoOa vs. Germany ToT)Mondragon(
  These two players go way back, aoOa (also known as A2 or Advokate) have been on the scene for a long time and are strong players each. This is a ZvT for the ages between two players who are still in great shape, although not on the top of the scene any longer.  The best-of-3 series between these two will surely be exciting and edgy.
Russia RoX.KIS.BRAT_OK vs. United States of America ToT)yosh(
  BRAT_OK paved a path of destruction on his way to a third place finish way back in June 2008 in the TeamLiquid Star League. Since then, he has been a Terran wrecking ball, taking down top names left and right. His TvP is his best matchup by far, but his TvT is no slack. In the opposite corner sits American Terran player Yosh, who when in shape is one of the scariest players outside of Korea. Fast, smart and efficient, Yosh is one of the few foreign players with a great knowledge of the game beyond copying pros. When these two players go at it, expect to see great things. 
Russia RoX.KIS.BRAT_OK/Peru RoX.KIS.Fenix vs. China ToT)ljt(/China ToT)XiaOzI( 
  The two 2v2 squads for these two teams have been some of the finest for the whole season. RoX's original squad of BRAT_OK and DIMAGA went undefeated for almost half the season, and Fenix only made the squad stronger. Meanwhile, ljt and XiaOzI have just clicked for Templars of Twilight and they worked many opposing teams throughout the season. This should be a pivotal series that could in fact decide the match.

  This should be a great match between these two teams. Templars of Twilight have a lot of fire in their hearts, and they showed it in their series against ESC two weeks ago. They tasted blood and they're definitely hungry for more. RoX.KIS had the perfect season and have been on a 10-game winning streak in the Titans League, including several 5-0 blowouts. However, I see Templars of Twilight coming in full bore and wrecking RoX.KIS, returning to their position of old as the top team in Brood War, even if just for a short time.
RoX.KIS 2:5 Templars of Twilight 

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